Band members:

Diana Păscuțiu - Lead Vocals

Alex Rizea - Lead Guitar

Zsolt Mondovici - Rhythm Guitar

Akos Mondovici - Bass Guitar

Richard Ebner - Drums

Upcoming Shows



Jan 16 2018 Reflektor Venue Timisoara,, RO





Within the Nova is a Romanian metalcore band from Timisoara formed in 2016 consisting of lead vocalist Diana Păscuțiu, guitarists Alex Rizea and Zsolt Mondovici, bassist Akos Mondovici and drummer Richard Ebner.

The band incorporates various elements into their songs, such as clean/scream vocals, aggressive riffing, melodic guitar leads, breakdowns, synthesizers and atmospheric themes.

Within the Nova started out as an ambition to spread a message to the world: everybody must wake up from their slumber and disengage from the obedience the society tries to push the population in, make their voice heard and stand together against the system. Only this way we can look forward to a better world, with the first step to this goal being music and this is what Within the Nova's about.

February 29 marks the debut of Within the Nova with the release of their single ''Forsake the Crown''.

Within the Nova launches a music video for the song 'The Idealist' extracted from their upcoming EP 'Infinite Cycles'.

On the 26th of June 2017 the band signs with independent record label Dark Alliance Records, which will release their debut album in the winter of 2018.

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