Alex Mataev (born 14 March 1991) is a singer-songwriter & guitarist, born and raised in Bălți, Republic of Moldova. He became well known after winning the 3rd edition of the 'Star Factory' contest.

Being raised in a family of musicians, Alex's love of music started at 8 years old and at 10 years old, he was already writing lyrics with the help of his mother.

At 17 years old, he joined a local band, playing Aerosmith, Bon Jovi or Daughtry covers. At this moment he's beginning to write his own songs and participates in the rock festival 'Rockhousen'.

2009 brings him a collaboration with one of the best Moldavian guitarists based in Russia and his band, for which Alex became the lead vocalist. Soon after this, he moved to Moscow in order to start recordings. In 2012 following some divergences, Alex leaves the band and returns to Moldova and soon participates in the contest ''Star Factory'', where he won.

2013 brings Alex to a new participation in a contest, 'X Factor' in Romania. He was one of the finalists and afterwards he released the single ''Cu capul in nori'' in collaboration with Cat Music. Since then, Alex started focusing on his solo career, meanwhile joining Dark Alliance Records' roster, and preparing his next EP, scheduled for 2017.

Current Release

Band Members:

Alex Mațaev - Vocals/Songwriting